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BHA Steroid policy update
Wednesday, July 8, 2015 RSS Feeds

Dear CBA Members: 

At our most recent board meeting we heard a presentation from the Jockey Club's Matt Iuliano and their legal counsel, Bill Lear, regarding the Federal bill that is being presented to Congress very soon.  As you may be aware this legislation would make USADA the regulator of medication rules and penalties for thoroughbred racing. It places medication regulation under the auspices of one governing body and eliminates regulation in the individual states. The bill has been endorsed by the Jockey Club, Breeders Cup, WHOA, The Humane Society and the KTA/KTOB and these groups have formed a coalition named The Coalition for Horse Racing Integrity. The Jockey Club has reached out to the CBA board to ask if the CBA would join as a member of the coalition.

Please follow this link to view the federal legislature: CBA BHA.pdf

Following the presentation there was discussion amongst the board members present as to whether this is something the CBA should do.  Although there seems to be overwhelming support to do so it was decided the board would do two things before taking a final vote at our August board meeting.  

1. Solicit comments and feedback from members

2. Because this is such an important matter, it was suggested that the board take a month to gather feedback from our members and give it more thought and we take a vote at our August meeting.    

Attached to this email is a chart that shows the trend from 2003-2013 of several important leading indicators (foal crop size, pari-mutuel handle, purses) graphed taking into account inflation.  I think you will find the data to be disconcerting.  Also attached is a summary of the legislation and bill being introduced. (CBA BHA stats.xlsx)

Often there is a misunderstanding about what this legislation does.  The legislation only allows USADA to oversee the medication regulation and rules for the industry. It leaves other areas of regulation to the individual states.  It does not bring the federal government into racing in any other way.  Before joining, the KTA had several important points added to the legislation including:

1. A layer of protection so the Interstate Horse Racing Act is not affected.

2. Accountability measures for USADA to meet and a method of review for USADA's performance.

The recommendation that will be presented to the CBA board will be a proposal to join the coalition in the manner the KTA joined emphasizing these two points.  The board will meet again sometime in late August prior to the September sale.  We would like for you to share your comments and opinions as to whether the CBA should join the coalition.  This will give board members feed back for how CBA members feel about this important issue.  Please email your opinion and comments to Nicole Gibson at [email protected].

In closing, I think it is a compliment to our organization that we have been asked to join the group.  I believe the CBA has established itself as a group that represents an important constituency in the industry and we do have a "seat at the table."

Thank you for your time and consideration of this important matter and for your continued support of the CBA.


Your CBA Board Members

Craig Bandoroff, Jody Alexander, Terry Arnold, Marty Buckner, Andrew Cary, Pat Costello,

Jamie Hill, Neil Howard, Jody Huckabay, Meg Levy, Matt Lyons, Marc McLean, Frank Mitchell,

Martha Jane Mulholland, Joe Seitz, Callan Strouss, Wayne Sweezey, Kitty Taylor and Mark Taylor


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