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CBA Memberhsip Benefits

"A Seat At The Table"

There are so many other organizations in the horse industry, why should I become a CBA Member?

Unlike many alphabet organizations, the CBA is a grassroots organization founded by everyday hardworking horsemen who have a lot of “skin in the game.”  Seeing a need for breeders and consignors to have representation in order to help improve the public sales scene for all participants, the CBA was formed to give horsemen a “seat at the table.”  Individually, breeders and consignors have little influence on the rules and regulations that affect them. As CBA members, they have the strength of a unified voice that is working for every consignor and commercial breeder, large and small.

The organization has grown in size and influence and now represents members who account for over 75% of North American auction revenue.  Speaking regularly with sales company officials, and speaking up proactively and in times of crisis in Frankfort, the CBA has helped develop important sales policies and procedures while preventing damaging regulatory legislation. Because of the unified voice the CBA represents and the momentum the CBA has created in bringing about fair and significant change in the industry, every consignor and breeder should become a member of the CBA in order to ensure its strength and impact during a challenging time for all participants.

Has the CBA really made a difference?

When sales companies made major venue changes over the past several years, the CBA was at the table to protect every breeder and consignor.  Without the CBA, consignors and breeders would be without the October sale and many changes made by sales companies would have been made unilaterally. Without the CBA, recent Kentucky legislation would have been harsh and one sided against ordinary thoroughbred breeders and sellers.  Without the CBA, members’ utilization of veterinary reports would have been seriously restricted.

The CBA’s educational efforts and informational booklets have had a significant impact on assisting horsemen to understand key sales issues and facts.  Widely circulated in North America, Europe, Australia, and Japan, the easy to read booklets have been published in several languages to make the sales scene better for international participants. The CBA is YOUR seat at the table in all sales matters, and is constantly working on YOUR behalf.

The CBA has accomplished so much already, what is the organization's plan going ahead?

The CBA's primary mission going forward is the same as it has been since it was founded: to improve the environment for the breeders, sellers AND buyers of thoroughbred horses at public auction and to continue to address situations that effect the participants whose livelihood and investment are involved in the marketplace. In addition, the CBA continues to work with sales companies and other industry participants who are involved in the market place.  In a nutshell, our objective is to continually maintain your seat at the table!

Preferred Provider Discounts

While the CBA was not originated with the intention of gathering discounts and other industry cost savings for its membership, the overwhelming purchasing power behind members of the CBA has given industry retailers and veterinarians incentive to offer such discounts our membership.  These "Preferred Providers" understand  CBA members are steadfast industry participants that deserve a little extra edge in their cost savings efforts.  The links below list several industry vets and retailers and their cost savings benefits to members of the CBA.  Check back often for new providers.


Our Mission

The CBA works democratically on behalf of every consignor and commercial breeder, large and small, to provide representation and a constructive, unified voice related to sales issues, policies, and procedures. The Association’s initiatives are designed to encourage a fair and expanding market place for all who breed, buy, or sell thoroughbreds.