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Code of Conduct

Members of the Consignors and Commercial Breeders Association (CBA) are expected to uphold the following professional standards and Code of Conduct:


  •  Strive at all times to serve the best interests of his or her client.

  • Conduct business with honesty, integrity, and fairness toward clients, other CBA members, and the buying public.

  •  Answer truthfully and avoid intentionally misleading statements when responding to inquiries from pros-pective buyers.

  •  Refuse to pay or accept commissions that are not disclosed to the member’s principal and refuse to participate in any undisclosed dual agency or other fraud.

  •  Comply with all applicable sales company rules of sale and with all applicable state and federal laws.

Our Mission

The CBA works democratically on behalf of every consignor and commercial breeder, large and small, to provide representation and a constructive, unified voice related to sales issues, policies, and procedures. The Association’s initiatives are designed to encourage a fair and expanding market place for all who breed, buy, or sell thoroughbreds.