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Sales Issues:
Walker Hancock (chair), Kerry Cauthen, Neal Clarke, Liz Crow, Zach Madden, Derek MacKenzie, Katie Taylor

Kerry Cauthen (chair), Walker Hancock, Gray Lyster, Adrian Regan, Allaire Ryan, Mark Taylor

Preferred Provider:
Ben Henley (chair), Nicole Gibson, Jill Gordon, John Henry Mulholland


Allaire Ryan (chair), Conrad Bandoroff, Carrie Brogden, Renee Dailey, Tom Hamm, Ben Henley, Gray Lyster, Sean Tugel

Conrad Bandoroff (chair), Carrie Brogden, Andrew Cary, Stuart Morris, Adrian Regan, Mark Toothaker

Gray Lyster (chair), Matt Koch

Our Mission

The CBA works democratically on behalf of every consignor and commercial breeder, large and small, to provide representation and a constructive, unified voice related to sales issues, policies, and procedures. The Association’s initiatives are designed to encourage a fair and expanding market place for all who breed, buy, or sell thoroughbreds.