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Industry Standard Questionnaires
Veterinary Report Disclaimer Labels

The radiograph report disclaimer labels are part of our educational effort to remind prospective purchasers that information on consignors’ vet forms are paid for by the seller and are for the consignors’ use only.  As such, prospective purchasers still need to develop a relationship with one or more veterinarians and should not rely solely on consignor information when making a decision to purchase.  Printed on peel-off labels, they may be adhered to the radiograph reports in veterinary or sales books.

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Our Mission

The CBA works democratically on behalf of every consignor and commercial breeder, large and small, to provide representation and a constructive, unified voice related to sales issues, policies, and procedures. The Association’s initiatives are designed to encourage a fair and expanding market place for all who breed, buy, or sell thoroughbreds.